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Dimmer Module / Motor Controller - ASA 500 & ASA1000

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Robust, quality dimmers operate with most commonly sold wire wound transformers and dimmable leading / trailing edge electronic transformers

  • For control of incandescent loads of 500 or 1000 watts, 230/240 Volt AC supply
  • Suitable for use with all quality brand switch plates - PDL, Clipsal, HPM etc; comes complete with adaptor plates, large & small knobs.
  • Available with Black fixing plates and knobs
  • Compact easy fit - a maximum of 2 x 500 watt controllers and 1 x 1000 watt controller per single flush box, ventilation recommended.
  • Tested for use with most commonly sold wire wound transformers - derate by 15%
  • Testing with some electronic leading edge dimmable transformers has also been Carried out - derate by 20%
  • Proudly Kiwi Made
  • Code: ASA1000 / ASA500

NB- It is recommended that lamps be mounted with the lamp cap uppermost.