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Entry Alert Door Minder

Watchman Entry Alert Door Minder

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The Watchman Entry Alert Door Minder uses modern PASSIVE INFRARED technology to detect and alert you to every person who enters your premises.

The specially designed detection pattern ensures maximum use of shop floor and reception area space. An optical reflector inside the unit creates an invisible PASSIVE INFRARED sensing 'curtain' of 40 degrees by 5 degrees as per diagram below. As people pass through this 'curtain' they are detected and an alert is made.

  • Variable sounder volume
  • Powered by 4 Alkaline AA Batteries or AC power adaptor (Optional)
  • Overall dimensions 165mm x 120mm x 60mm
  • Selectable chirp or buzzer tone
  • Internal or external sounder
  • Universal mounting kit and installation instructions
  • Code: Entry Alert
Additional Accessories
  • Entry Alert Extension Sounder. Piezo electric speaker c/w 15m cable & 2 connectors.
    Code: Ext Sounder
  • Entry Alert Power Pack. 230V AC Power Adaptor.
    Code: Entry P/P
  • Entry Alert Relay Driver.
    Code: Relay Driver

The Watchman People Counter uses modern PASSIVE INFRARED technology to monitor pedestrian flow. Use anywhere there is a need to track numbers of people passing a certain point... How many people enter your store or pass your display?... Do you have the right staffing levels to handle the number of customers you service?... Are the aisles in your store adequate to handle pedestrian flow?

Superior PASSIVE INFARED sensing circuitry drives a 5 digit LCD counter which is mounted on the face panel. A reset button is mounted on the rear panel.

  • Powered by 4 Alkaline AA or AC power adaptor (Optional)
  • Maximum range 13 feet, approx 3.9 metres
  • Overall dimensions 165mm x 120mm x 60mm
  • Operating temperature : 32-104oF
  • Counter is 5 digit liquid crystal display
  • Reset button mounted on rear panel
  • Code: People Counter