Brass Lampholders

S. Lilley & Son manufacturers an extensive range of brass lampholders, together with components and accessories to offer lighting manufacturers solutions for the construction of quality luminaires. S. Lilley & Son are one of the oldest lighting business’s still in ownership by descendants of the founding family. With this wealth of experience they are UK’s leading manufacturer of lampholders and components for the Lighting Industry.

We have an extensive range of Lilley stocked here in New Zealand, listed below is an idea what is available:

B22 BC Switched and Un-switched Lampholders

B22 BC Batten Lampholders

B22 BC Candle Lampholders

B22 BC Cordgrip Lampholders

B15 SBC Lampholders

E27 ES Lampholders

E27 ES Batten Lampholders

E14 SES Lampholders

E40 GES Lampholder

Accessories:  Nipples, Locknuts, Reducers, Cordgrips, Earth Tags, Washers, Hooks, Rings, Chain

Ceiling Plates various sizes and colours

Galleries various sizes and colours

Inline Dimmers, Slider Dimmers, Foot Switches, Inline Switches


Contact us or visit S.Lilley & Sons to get a copy of their latest product catalogue.