Carpet Duct


  • Manufactured from naturally insulating PVC
  • Robust, flexible & durable
  • 2m Long stock standard
  • Up to 5m long on request
  • Available in Black or Grey
  • Overall dimensions 60mm W – 13mm H
  • Cable chamber dimensions W – 17mm H – 10mm
  • Underside slotted for easy cable insertion
  • Allows safe pedestrian and light wheel traffic
  • Easily portable, can be adapted to a variety of situations
  • CarpetDuct
  • CarpetDuctGrey
  • CarpetDuctDual


  • CarpetDuct
  • CarpetDuctGrey

Carpet Duct NZ

Cables that run over carpeted areas present a tripping risk.  In addition, tripping over an unprotected cable can damage the cable or the equipment it is attached to. Carpet cable covers, or carpet ducts, solve this problem.  They cover up the cable and keep it in place, preventing the cable from getting in the way of people walking over the top of it.  This removes the tripping risk, protects the cable, and protects equipment.

At Allsales Agencies, we are a leading supplier of carpet duct solutions with end users, purchasing through the electrical stores that are our customers, across NZ.  Our carpet ducts are made from PVC, so they are durable, robust, and naturally insulating.

They are also lightweight and flexible, making them ideal for any application where you need to run cables over carpet.

The standard length is two metres, but they are available up to five metres long on request.  If you need a shorter carpet duct, you can easily cut them to size.

They are easy to lay with the single chamber available in black or grey and dual-chamber in black.  Order the quantity you need today or contact us if you require further information.

Features and Specifications of Our Carpet Ducts

  • Manufactured high-quality and naturally insulating PVC
  • Two colour options in single chamber – black or grey
  • The underside of the carpet duct is slotted to make it quick and easy to insert the cable
  • Easily portable
  • Can be adapted to a variety of situations
  • Suitable for pedestrian traffic as well as light wheel traffic


  • Standard length is 2m
  • Lengths up to 5m available on request
  • Overall width is 60mm and the overall height is 13mm
  • The dimensions of the cable chamber dimensions are 17mm wide and 10mm high

Best Carpet Cable Covers New Zealand

To get the best carpet duct products in NZ at the best price and with the best standard of service, you should contact us at Allsales Agencies.

We design and manufacture for performance too, ensuring you get the best possible carpet duct product to keep in stock for your customers.