Entry Alert Door Minder

Entry Alert Door Minder NZ

Entry Alert door minder solutions are common in a wide range of businesses across NZ.  They are used in shops, offices, workshops, factories, yards, and more.

At Allsales Agencies, we supply a high-quality entry alert door minder solution to retailers and industry.  Our Entry Alert Door Minder uses infrared technology to detect whenever someone comes into the covered zone.  Due to the special design of the protection pattern, that zone can cover a wide area, making our Entry Alert Door Minder suitable for locations of almost any size.

Whenever the unit detects someone on the infrared sensor, an audible alert is sounded.

We also offer a range of accessories to ensure the solution meets the requirements of your customers.

  • Entry Alert

Relay Driver

Ext Sounder

Entry P/P

Watchman Entry Alert Door Minder Available Throughout New Zealand

Businesses use our entry alert door minder across NZ because of the quality of the product and the range of features.  Those features include:

  • Ability to adjust the volume of the alert
  • Internal or external sounder
  • Choose from a chirp or buzzer tone
  • Discreet size and robust, durable design

The specifications include:

  • Powered by 4 Alkaline AA Batteries
  • AC power adaptor available as an additional accessory
  • Overall dimensions 165mm x 120mm x 60mm
  • Universal mounting kit and installation instructions included

Additional accessories available for our Entry Alert Door Minder:

  • Extension sounder that includes a Piezoelectric speaker, a 15-metre cable, and two connectors.
  • 230V AC power adapter
  • Alert relay driver

Watchman People Counter

Do your customers need a people counter solution so they can monitor how many people enter their premises on particular days or at particular times of the day?  With the Watchman People Counter, your customers will know how many people have come into their store so they can monitor staffing levels, sale conversion performance, pedestrian flow, and more.

The counter works using passive infrared technology to detect and count people.  The total number is displayed on a five-digit LCD counter on the face panel.  The rear panel has a reset button to return the count to zero.

The features and specifications of the Watchman People Counter include:

  • Powered by 4 Alkaline AA batteries
  • AC power adaptor available as an additional accessory
  • Maximum range of approximately 3.9 metres
  • Overall dimensions of 165mm x 120mm x 60mm
  • Operating temperature of 32-104o
  • Counter is a 5-digit liquid crystal display
  • Reset button mounted on the rear panel