Dimmers New Zealand

Not currently available. New product coming soon 2022

If you are looking for a dimmer switch product and you are in NZ, we have the solution at Allsales Agencies.

In addition, they are compatible with most commonly sold wire wound transformers as well as dimmable leading or trailing edge electronic transformers.

Our dimmer switches are used in businesses and residential properties across New Zealand, they are trusted by electricians and end-users alike.

About Allsales Agencies Dimmer Switches

  • Allsales Agencies dimmer switches are suitable for the control of incandescent loads of 500 or 1000 watts
  • 230/240 Volt AC supply
  • Suitable for use with all quality brand switch plates.  This includes PDL, Clipsal, HPM, and more.
  • Allsales Agencies dimmer switches are supplied as kits so come complete with everything you need.  This includes adaptor plates as well as both large and small knobs.
  • We also offer a range of accessories and replacement parts
  • Allsales Agencies Dimmers are available with either white or black fixing plates and knobs
  • Dimmers are compact and are designed to be easy to fit
  • A maximum of 2 x 500watt controllers and 1 x 1,000watt controller per single flush box, ventilation is recommended for safe use
  • Our dimmers are tested for use with most commonly sold wire wound transformers – derate by 15%
  • We have also tested our dimmer with new and innovative dimmable transformers – derate by 20%
  • We recommend that lamps be mounted with the lamp cap uppermost

Buy the Best Light Dimmer Switches in NZ

Allsales  Agencies light dimmer solutions are recognised across NZ for their quality and reliable levels of performance.  You don’t have to pay a fortune to stock our dimmer switches, however, as we keep our prices affordable.  This means you can ensure a regular turnover of stock at a good margin, helping to keep your business profitable