Mechanical Time Switch

Reliable and robust, the C20 mechanical timer is used by many manufacturers worldwide.
It integrates many advantages in the manufacture of mini ovens, mini washers, toasters, deep fryers, steamer cookers, grills, solarium, saunas, heaters, fans, battery charges, and a wide variety of industrial applications…

Small physical dimensions, timing tolerance of +/- 5%.  2 types of fixation: screws or central nut.  Timing range 30, 60 and 120 minutes on a standard wind-up angle of 288° hold position terminal orientation: side or rear.  COUC2030ma4, COUC2060ma4, COUC20120ma4

  • Technical Features
  • Voltage rating: 250 VAC
  • Tab terminals: 6.3 x 0.8 mm silver plated
  • Switch position at rest: NO-NC
  • Switch conforms to electrical standards: EN 60730-2-1
  • Resistive switching capacity (inductive): 16 (3) A
  • Ambient temperature: -10°C +125°C
  • Numerous configurations with 1 or 2 contacts: SPST, DPST, STDT
  • All approvals obtained: BEAB – CSA – SEMKO – IMQ – KEMA – UL – UTE – VDE
  • Dielectric strength: 3750 VAC
  • Distance between open contacts: > 3mm
  • Number of electrical operations: 10000

  • COUC2030ma4 – 30 minutes
  • COUC2060ma4 – 60 minutes
  • COUC20120ma4 – 120 minutes

Mi15 Synchronous Switch Timer
Technical Data Values
Switch Breaking Capacity 16 (4)A 250V AC
Number of Operations 10,000
Distance between open contact =3mm
Isulation class according II
Tolerance on total timing +/- 3%
Manual driving torque 4 daNcm max
Max torque available on shaft 0.5daNcm max
Max ambient temperature T 85 C
Motor rated voltage 250V 50Hz
Approvals Kema enec
Timing Range 24 hours

Mi2 Mechanical Switch Timer
Technical Data Values
Rated Voltage 250 V
Number of Electrical Operations 10,000
Rated Amperage 16 (4) A
Type of current Vac
Switch configuration DPST 1NO+1NC SPST (12hr)
Tolerance on total timing +/- 10%
Winding torque 1.5 to 4.5 Kgcm
Residual operating torque 0.1 Kgcm
Torque of manual position 4
Timing Range 4 / 15 / 6h / 12h

Coupatan Mechanical Timers NZ

The French company’s Coupatan and Faucigny Instruments are two acknowledged brands in the time switch and analogue timer industry.

The timing options include:

C20    – Mechanical Timer 30min / 60min / 120min

C63    –  Mechanical Timer 7min

Mi2    –  Mechanical Timer 4min / 15min / 6hr / 12hr

Mi15   –  Synchronous Timer 24hr

Suitable Applications

There is a mechanical timer for almost any situation and application.  This includes many industrial applications where there are requirements for high-quality timer solutions.

Coupatan & Faucigny mechanical timers are also common in a wide range of household kitchen appliances. This includes:

  • Heaters
  • Ovens
  • Free standing cookers
  • Grills
  • Toasters
  • Deep fryers
  • Toasters

These mechanical timers are also used in barbecues, fans, saunas, battery chargers, and more.

Robust Time Switches New Zealand

If your customers require robust and reliable time switch and timer solutions, the range from Coupatan is the best choice.  This includes your customers who are electricians and may need to replace mechanical timers when carrying out repair work.

Not only are Coupatan & Faucigny mechanical timers the best solution, but we at Allsales Agencies are the only wholesale supplier of Coupatan & Faucigny mechanical timers in the country.