Universal Air Switching Kit

The ASA060 Universal Pre-wired Waste Disposal Air Switching Kit is a safe and convenient switching solution for the operation of waste disposal units in domestic and commercial kitchens.  The pre-wired air switch enclosure and electric outlet can be wall mounted safely under the bench well away from wet areas.

Mini Bellows
High Quality, Standard Slim Line Escutcheon Profile, water-resistant & dustproof
Designed for high volume of repetitive operations.  Panel hole cutout size: Min 33mm –
Max 35mm.  Colour: Standard chrome finish, white or black on request.

Air Switch
High Quality, Latching action, Press On – Press Off, 16Amp Res 4Amp Ind  ½ HP

Supplied complete with 2 meters of High Quality Tubing

Polycarbonate black with mounting plate
Pre-wired Flex and Plug for both appliance and supply connection


HER6438 – Deluxe Low Profile Escutcheon, Chrome Finish Bellow.  Panel hole cut-out size: Min 33mm – Max 35mm.  Available in White and Black on request.  This bellow is used for ASA060D

– Ultra compact Slim Line Chrome Micro Bellow – 30mm total escutcheon width.  Panel hole cut-out size 23mm.  This bellow is used for ASA060MICRO

HER6448 – Our Low Profile Foot Operated Bellow can be mounted on the kick panel of most domestic kitchens.  Overall diameter is 94mm x 16.5mm in depth.  Available in Black and Grey.   This bellow is used for ASA060KICKSW

Other components within this range are:

ASA060Unit:  Assembly kit with no bellows

ASA060PlungerKit:  Replacement plunger with 2m hose

ASA060DPlungerKit:  Replacement Deluxe plunger with 2m hose

Waste Disposal Air Switches NZ

At Allsales Agencies, we supply a universal waste disposal air switch that is suitable for any domestic or commercial kitchen in NZ. This includes kitchens where there will be a high volume of operations as durability and reliability are key features of our waste disposal air switches.

Our products are safe and convenient, plus they are water and dust resistant. They are also pre-wired, making them easy to install, and they have a slimline design. This means they can be fitted discreetly without impacting the design of the kitchen or getting in the way of its effective operation.

Our Waste Disposal Air Switch Specifications

  • The cut-out size for the panel hole is 33mm to 35mm
  • Comes with a chrome finish as standard
  • A white finish is available
  • Latching action
  • Easy operation with simple press on and press off functionality
  • 16Amp Resistive 4Amp Inductive ½ HP
  • The prewired enclosure is polycarbonate black and comes with a mounting plate
  • Comes with two metres of high-quality tubing supplied as standard
  • Can be mounted and plugged into an electrical socket safely away from areas that get wet

Options available:

  • Ultra slimline model available that requires a cut-out panel of just 23mm
  • Foot-operated bellow that can be mounted to the kick panel of most kitchens. Free-floating options available on request. The standard size is 94mm x 16.5mm, so it has a low profile. It’s also made from flexible but strong PVC and comes as standard in black, although other colours are available.

Herga Footswitches & Air Switches New Zealand

At Allsales Agencies, we also supply a range of Herga footswitches and air switches, as well as Herga accessories, to customers across NZ. Herga is one of the world’s leading brands of air switches with a robust, reliable, and innovative design.

The Herga products in our range include:

  • Herga air switch and footswitch range
  • Low profile, chrome escutcheon (white or black options also available)
  • Micro bellows
  • Foot operated bellows

To find out more about any of our waste disposal air switch products, wherever you are in New Zealand, please contact us today at Allsales Agencies. When you contact us, you can be sure you’ll get a high-quality product manufactured with the best materials to stock in your store. We also offer competitive prices and excellent customer service. Please get in touch today.